Organic and Biodynamic wines – what does it all mean?

Organic and Biodynamic

Organic and Biodynamic wines BIG for 2016

At Liquid Indulgence we have an extensive range of over 350 wines from 16 different countries and organic and biodynamic wines play a big part in our bespoke collection.

In this day and age, our health is a massive concern. Last year the demand for vegetarian and vegan foods started to increase. This year we predict the same for organic and biodynamic wines so we thought it only right that we gave you the real facts about these mysterious wines.

Organic Wine

The term organic is defined as ‘food or farming which is produced without the use of chemical fertilizer, pesticides or other artificial chemicals’. Viticulture is derived from the Latin word for vine and is ‘the science, production and study of grapes’

Organic wine is essentially wine that has been made out of 100% organically grown grapes. These grapes have grown without the use of chemicals such as pesticides or human manipulation e.g artificial tannins. Many vineyards across the world grow their grapes organically. However few are actually certified organic due to the lengthy and expensive progress they have to endure to be certified organic.

Bio-dynamic Wine

Biodynamic wine is very similar to organic wine except it take the organic viticulture a step further by using the vineyard as an eco-system. Everything is recycled and put back into the ecosystem from the grape seed to the fermentation to the pressing of the wine!

It's in the stars

Biodynamic vineyards also rely on the lunar system and astrology to determine the best time to grow the crops and even taste the wine!

A recent study by a group of winemakers, which involved them tasting eight wines on several days across the week, showed that the wine tasted more expressive on a ‘Fruit’ day than a ‘Leaf’ or ‘Root’ day.

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by Rebekah Hilton

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