Countdown to Black Friday Day 3

Today is all about Gold Medal Fizz.  We are offering 2 of each of our Gold Medal Award Winners for just £49.99 (which given the quality of them is amazing value and represents a 17% saving off our normal price).

4 of our “gold medals” come from Undurraga – the award winning winemaker in Chile.  We have included 2 bottles each of the Brut Royal and the Rose Royal.

Masia Bou cava makes up the remaining 2 bottles in the deal.

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For a little bit of fun, we’ve listed down a few Olympic gold medal winners – can you guess which sport they won them in?

Michael Phelps (18 gold medals)

Carl Lewis (9 gold medals)

Birgit Fischer (8 gold medals)

Hubert Van Innis (6 gold medals)

Chris Hoy (6 gold medals)

Henry Taylor (3 gold medals)

How did you do?  Email us the answers (by clicking here) for a chance to win a special prize!

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