Xuxu Strawberry Vodka

Welcome to Paradise!

Xuxu Strawberry Vodka is made in Germany with fresh strawberries. It is the ultimate fruity drink, perfect for every summer occasion. This is first class quality drinking with a high fruit content of 66%. Come on in and let all your senses discover the world of XUXU. Lush sun-ripened strawberries and crystal clear vodka have arranged a magical sweet encounter.

Try the UXUX Margarita for a fresh way to drink cocktails this summer!
6cl Xuxu :: 4cl Lanazul Tequila :: 1cl Lemon Juice :: 1cl sugar cane syrup

Rim a Champagne glass with lemon juice and sugar. Add XUXU and tequila to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously with ice. Then strain into the Champagne glass and garnish with a strawberry.

Alternatively Xuxu strawberry vodka can be added to your favourite dessert for the ultimate refreshing twist. Just drizzle Xuxu and enjoy!

Click here for XUXU VODKA.

by Rebekah Hilton

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