The Launch of Lychee!

Lychee Cocktail

Introducing Kwai Feh as the newest addition to our Liquid Indulgence Liqueur club. Kwai Feh is a luxury lychee liqueur made in Holland and we are very excited that is has finally landed!

About Kwai Feh

Kwai Feh captures the pure essence of fresh lychee fruit in the form of a light, charming and natural-tasting liqueur. This exotic liqueur is blessed with a unique oriental flavour which is soft as velvet but powerful and distinctive.

The Story

‘Emporer Ming of the Tang dynasty supplied his charming consort with only the very best lychees, which she was very fond of. The emperor was generously rewarded for this by her delightful smile and appreciative heart.’

The power of lychee

Back in the Liquid Indulgence office our team along with the fantastic Rachel Noble from Twisted Mojito have tasted this mysterious liqueur both neat and in a cocktail and the overall verdict is ‘it’s perfect for any occasion!’.

We will be posting cocktail recipes for Kwai Feh very soon so if soft, seductive and fruity liqueurs are your thing keep checking for updates on the website.

If you’re looking for a Lychee fling or a Japana before then, visit Kwai Feh for some inspiration.



Kwai Feh will be available to buy online from the 1st April 2016. Click here to purchase.

To view our entire range of luxury liqueurs click here.




by Rebekah Hilton

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