Firestarter Vodka

Firestarter Vodka helps get your party started no matter what your choice of drink…

With our unique Firestarter valve cap and built in, bar tender friendly pour spout it makes serving Firestarter a breeze. So, remember the acronym T.A.P.S.

T – TWIST – the valve cap
A – AIM – the nozzle in your chosen glass
P – POUR – experience the smooth flow
S – SIP – every last delicious drop

Ultra premium Firestarter is great for shots, cocktails or mixes.  To buy click here. 

The ultra smooth liquid inside the unique canister works perfectly served neat, chilled and sipped.

It’s so smooth, that we recommend it served just over ice or ultra chilled in a cold glass. It also makes a great Vodka martini!

If sipping isn’t your thing and you want to get the party started faster, the crystal clear, rich bodied vodka is great for shots – just line up the glasses and pour using the fast pour spout.

Firestarter also makes a super mix – whether with cranberry, lime and soda, fresh orange, tonic or coke, the vodka partners perfectly its distinctive taste heightening the flavours of the mixers.

If cocktails are your thing – then Firestarter is a great base – you can find more about how Firestarter makes a great cocktail by clicking here.

Tasting Notes:
Crystal clear. The nose is invitingly fresh with a generous dose of sweet grains with an accent of wet rivers stones and hints of spring flowers. The palate confirms the nose being silky with a dose of sweetness that is expected with wheat based Vodkas. Nicely balanced with great texture ready to act as a solo performer or perfect for citrus mixers that will take advantage of the citrus notes that rise on the finish of this Vodka.

by Rebekah Hilton

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