Swedish Mackmyra Bruks Single Malt

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An award winning whisky from Sweden’s Mackmyra, based on bourbon cask matured spirit with some sherry casks and fresh Swedish oak in the mix. They add a little of their smoky whisky for a
light, well-balanced and fruity dram with a touch of spicy juniper smoke. NOSE: Delicate, clean and light. Butterscotch, citrus, pear, liquorice, banana and mint. PALATE: Layers of delicate flavours with citrusy lemon sherbet, smoke and woody notes. TASTE: Fresh fruity and peppery.
Youthful, fruity flavour with a spicy taste of toffee. Mackmyra Bruks whisky is an exciting, well-balanced whisky, created to be enjoyed at all times. Enjoy it as it is, with or without ice.

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