Spain Sello Azul Valdespino Brandy de Jerez

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Alc Vol��18% One that proclaims to be the cr��me de la cr��me of PX���s ��� and if you���re not entirely convinced, this sherry comes with its own padlocked top ��� the reason for this is to stop the midnight sippers in their tracks. Yes you need your private key to unlock the padlock! A contemporary chastity belt! The result is a wine with an intense mahogany colour, with aroma of raisins. On the palate it is very rich, velvety and very smooth with a long after taste. Deep sienna brown colour with deep olive green hue. Wonderful nose filled with the aroma of toffee, molasses, spice and brandied ripe raisins. The palate is a viscous treasure with its rich luscious texture and oil like consistency. Perfect with chocolate cake and a must with the Christmas pudding fantastic with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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