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New World wines are making a comeback and Australian wines are rapidly becoming the most popular on the shelf. Roll back 30 years ago and Australian wines were not of interest and a wide selection was rarely seen on the market. However just five year later, Australian wines gradually began to force their way back onto the market and the rest is history.

Enter Keith Tulloch Wines.

Keith Tulloch and his wife Amanda founded Keith Tulloch wine in 1997 with initial production of just 250 dozen. Their success is simple, it is in their blood. Keith has a wine background that spans over four generations with the original winery Hunter Valley. The Tulloch family can trace winemaking heritage across three centuries. To add to this Keith attended Roseworthy Collage’s prestigious school of winemaking in South Australia before returning to New South Wales with Amanda to create their very own Hunter Valley tradition.

“We wanted to make wine in a way that truly reflected the traditional methods of great French wines, as well as capturing the essence and character of the local Hunter Valley.”
– Keith and Amanda Tulloch

Eighteen years later and the couple have turned their small vineyard into a successful, high quality winery. With over 30 different wines including the delightfully summery ‘Suck it and see’ Frizzante and the wonderfully juicy ‘Three Monkeys Shiraz’ there is something to tickle everybody’s taste buds. Their range will be sure to convert you from your Old World wine favourite to something fresh and exciting from the Keith Tulloch vineyard.

Something that marks Keith Tulloch wines above the rest is that the family have huge passion for the home of their wines. They show local pride by welcoming guests and visitors to Hunter Valley with their critically acclaimed Eurocentric menu, which is made wholly of ingredients that is home grown and locally sourced. The Tulloch family live and breathe wine and strive to bring a great experience with every wine.

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by Rebekah Hilton

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