Wonder of Wine: Undurraga

Undurraga Vineyards own approximately 1,800 hectares of vineyards which are spread across Chiles best wine producing areas. All their efforts at Vina Undurraga are based on three very important fundamental values: quality, origin and proximity.

Originally the plants for the Undurraga vines weren’t actually grown in Chile. Between 1879 and 1891 Francisco Undurraga imported Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir varietals from France and Riesling and Gewurztraminer varietals from Germany. The plants were imported in lead capsules so that they wouldn’t wilt during their travels through Europe to South America. 1885 saw the foundation of Vina Undurraga, the vineyards were named ‘Fundo Santa Ana’ in honour of the lady of the house.

Following the landscape design and construction of the vineyard, in 1891 the first harvest was carried out by winemaker Monsieur Pacoteaux. By 1903 the Undurraga winery had expanded and became the first Chilean winery to export the U.S. They also won many awards as they headed into the 20th century including a gold medal for their Pinot de Undurraga at the Expo awards and the first international prize for Rhin de Undurraga in the Centenario Argentina International fair. Due to their huge success and recognition internationally, in 1941 30,000 bottles of wine per year were produced and by 1960 40,000 boxes of wine were produced each year some of which was exported to 60 countries worldwide.

For the last 40 years the Undurraga winery have produced sparkling wines, these are high quality sparkling wines that are filled with allure and elegance. In 2013 the Undurraga winery won gold medal for their Sparkling brut range at the Sommelier wine awards.

As the Undurraga vineyards have developed and grown so has their technology. In 2007 the Bodega del Parque wine cellar was built. The cellar protected the wine and provided darkness and consistent temperatures in order to maintain the quality and improve the aroma, flavour and complexity of Undurraga wine.

Over the years, the Undurraga wineries have seen many famous faces walk through their vineyards and drink their wine. Such celebrities include Neil Armstrong, Olaf V (the King of Norway), Golda Meir (the Prime Minister of Israel) and Gabriel García-Márquez.

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A good wine comes from a good grape.

by Rebekah Hilton

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