Thirty grapes in thirty days: Zinfandel

Zinfandel is California’s best known red grape. Although the grape originated from Europe, Zinfandel is renowned in California and is considered as ‘their own creation’. Zinfandel has been growing in the vineyards of California for well over a century. The the past thirty years Zinfandel plantings have doubled and the grape has become iconic in the New World region.

Although the varietal is a popular planting it is sometimes hard to harvest. Zinfandel grows best in climates which have a combination of hot days and cool nights. Getting the perfect balance can be difficult and growers are left sometimes with unripe or overripe grapes.

One of the great characteristics of Zinfandel is that each vineyard can produce grapes with different palates and aromas. Some vineyards produce light and jammy wines filled with aromas of red berries whilst others can grow full bodied wines bursting with ripe dark fruits and peppery hints.

Zinfandel grapes also produce outstanding rosé wines as well as red! The grapes are lightly crushed to create a pretty pink wine. Zinfandel rosé wines are known as ‘White Zinfandel’ and tend to be sweeter than most other rosé wines.

Our favourite range for Zinfandel has to be our Burlesque wines. Choose from ‘Old Vine’ red zinfandel or white zinfandel. These will definitely impress without breaking the bank as they start from only £7.00 inc VAT. Both are perfect to drink with friends as an apertif or enjoyed with food.

Food we would recommend to pair with a rosé wine would be dishes will with Cajun and Asian spices. The sweetness of the wine really cuts through the spiciness of each dish. Red zinfandel is simply stunning with roasted red meats or crispy duck.

Think posh BBQ, although maybe not too much in this weather!

by Rebekah Hilton

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