Thirty grapes in thirty days: Xarel-lo

Xarel-lo, pronounced sha-rel-lo, is a white grape grown in Penedes, Spain. 2016 is going to be a big year for Xarel-lo and we reckon over the next few years it will grow to be the new Pinot Grigio in terms of popularity. A bold statement we know but we’ve fallen in love with Xarel-lo and we want you to too!

Now you may never have heard of Xarel-lo but we can guarantee that most our readers have tried it! This is because Xarel-lo is the main grape used in sparkling Spanish wine known as Cava. Cava is a term used in Spain to describe sparkling which is made in the traditional method. Method traditional is a process in which carbonation (bubbles) is created within the bottle rather than in the tank. This is a unique process used solely in the production of Champagne and Cava. A reason why Cava is extra special and a must try if you haven’t already!

At Liquid Indulgence we have just one wine that is made from 100% Xarel-lo and we are mega proud of it. Cossetania Xarel-lo is a wine with character! It is admirably clean with aromas of apple, pear and pineapple. This is a well balanced wine with a fresh acidity that leaves you wanting to pour glass after glass. We recommend pairing with food that has personality. Try Goi Cuon, a Vietnamese dish of spring rolls packed with spice and a combination of white meat and shellfish. Or if you’re wanting something a little more subtle we like a seasoned mushroom risotto.






by Rebekah Hilton

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