Thirty grapes in thirty days: Mourvèdre

Something that you may have noticed that has been lacking from these blogs is rosè wine! Lots of red and whites but where is the rosè?

Mourvèdre is a french red grape which originated from Spain. Known in Spain as it’s alter ego Monastrell, Mourvèdre makes fantastic rosè wines. Yes I did say rosè.

Believe it or not rosè wine is made from red grapes. The production is the same with one small yet important difference, the red skins only touch the wine for a few hours unlike red wine, where the skins are left to ferment with the wine for weeks.

As I said, Mourvèdre makes fantastic rosè wine. So much so that we had to spill the beans on the best one yet! Waterkloof Circumstance Mourvèdre rosè is a beautifully dry and rich posh wine. This is a gold medal winning biodynamic wine from South Africa. Although Mourvèdre is more commonly grown in the hotter regions of France, the warm climate of Stellenbosch, South Africa makes a fantastic environment for the Mourvèdre grape to really thrive.

Many of our red wines are a blend of Mourvèdre and other red varietals. Common reds to blend with include Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault. Chateauneuf de Pape rouge are fantastic examples of red wine with this particular blend.

A red Mourvèdre has similar body and colour to other red grapes such as Syrah. The body is full with firm tannins. Completely different to Mourvèdre rosè. The body is elegant with barely there tannins. There are lots of cherry fruit flavour and dried tropical fruit such as apricot. Ideal with salt water crayfish and smoked seafood.

For red lovers I would recommend a Chateauneuf du Pape paired with french pepper steak or red grilled venison. Vegetable moussaka also compliments the palate well.

by Rebekah Hilton

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