Thirty grapes in thirty days: Garganega

Garganega is a white Italian grape grown in Veneto, North East Italy. Whilst the name might not sound familiar it is actually the 5th most widely planted grape in Italy. This is because Garganega is the main grape used to make Soave wines. The best Soave wines are made in the original hillside zones (Soave Classico, Soave DOC) around Soave and Monteforte. A new hillside zone has been created on the outskirts of Soave called Colli Scaligeri. 

Castelforte is a brand dedicated to a selection of D.O.C wines, including Soave, with a full body and alcohol levels starting from 12.5%. A Soave Superiore must be at least 12% ABV meaning our Soave wines are the very best.

Our Casa Lunardi Soave is a blend of 85% Garganega and 15% Trebbiano (white Italian grape). The addition of Trebbiano adds a softness to the palate which in turn makes an easy drinking wine. This is a great addition to the Castelforte range and a great starter Soave at £7.29 inc VAT. Colli Scaligere Soave Classico is a more serious Soave. Made with 100% Garganega grapes from the best garganega vines in the Soave region.

Honeysuckle, stone fruit and the perfume of white flowers are the typical aromas you would expect from a high quality Soave. The gargenaga grapes produce a fresh, delicate and well balanced wine with a palate of almonds, citrus fruit and hints of spice. The dryness of the garganega creates a fantastic, mouth watering acidity that pairs great with a wide range of foods. If you’re feeling fancy try goats cheese en croute with fruit chutney or try an Asian style stir fry with fresh tiger prawns.

by Rebekah Hilton

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