Thirty grapes in thirty days: Barbera

Anna Maria Abbona winery

Once an ordinary grape, now a distinctive varietal planted in specialist vineyards across Piemonte, Italy. Barbera was once the most commonly planted grape in Piemonte. People regarded Barbera as an easy drinking wine used to wash down local cuisine. Now the Barbera grape makes seriously great wine. It has relatively low yields and is aged in French oak barriques which helps distinguish the grape and rockets it high above the rest.

The reason for the dramatic change is that originally Barbera was grown in inadequate conditions with cool climates which resulted in a poor harvest each year. Now when grown in properly exposed vineyards with warmer climates the grape flourishes.

The taste level of a Barbera which has been stored in oak is out of this world. The oak tannin compensates for the smooth tannic structure and leaves that high acidity is it favoured for. At Liquid Indulgence we are proud to introduce our exclusive and organic Barbera wine. Anna Maria Abonna Barbera. Grown in the Veneto region this wine is dark crimson with rich jammy notes and cherry aromas. A must try wine with a charming palate filled with violets, cocoa and raspberries.

Another sumptuous Barbera is the Barbera Conan d’Asti. Impressive with pork and crackling and oily dishes.The acidity within the wine cuts through the oiliness just perfect!

by Rebekah Hilton

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