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“I must thank my husband Franco Schellino who in 1989 decided to leave his graphic work and came back home. We revived the old vines planted by my grandfather.
We learnt to prune and tie the vines working together, my grandfather, my parents and my husband. My husband is a quiet man, but with patience and attention it’s easy to observe the love and respect he has for the land. It has been a privilege for me working together all these years.”
Anna Maria Abonna

anna maria abonna

Anna Maria Abonna was brought to life by great grandfather Guiseppe when he began to cultivate the vines as a sharecropper in 1930. In 1936 following the death of his father, Guiseppes son Angelo decided to fulfil his father’s wishes to have their own land and planted a vineyard called Maioli.

Maioli was the seed that started the growth of the vineyard which would, unbeknownst to Angelo, become a successful family run business that produced high quality and organic wines. Angelo’s son Guiseppe worked with his father to look after the vineyard and bought more land to grow more grapes. Far from the success that it has now the wine in the first few years of production were poor quality and Guiseppe and his wife were forced to give up wine making. They sold the grapes to the nearest wine cooperative.

Years passed and in 1989 Guiseppe announced his intention to root some vines. Anna and her husband returned to their wine making roots and arrived at the vineyard with the mission to produce quality wine. The business then started to thrive, more vines were planted and cellars were built. Guiseppe named the vineyard after his daughter and for the first time ever Anna Maria Abonna wine was marketed.

Since 1995 after the arrival of their two children, Anna Maria Abonna and Franco Schellino became owners of the Anna Maria Abonna vineyard. Anna Maria is involved in the selling and marketing of the Anna Maria Abonna range as well as receiving clients and following production within the winery. Franco is the pillar of production, he works mainly in the vineyards, wine-making and bottling the wine.

Guiseppe Abonna is still very active within the business and continues to do light work in the vineyards as well as assuring production of fruit and vegetables for the whole family.

Anna Maria Abbona wines have survived four generations and the wines remain traditional. The family’s passion and enthusiasm for their land shines through their wine and they prove that the hills in which they grow the vines are ideal for producing high quality wines. The original grape varietal, Maioli, that created this impressive and organic winery is still in the Anna Maria Abonna range today and continues to be a top seller worldwide.

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by Rebekah Hilton

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