Our guide to glasses

Which glass is best?

What's the big deal about glasses?

In principle you can choose any glass you wish to enjoy your desired wine, cocktail or liquor, yet rumour has it that choosing the right glass can make a big difference in how your fave tipple tastes.

See below for our quick and easy guide to glasses and find the perfect glass for you.

Our guide to glasses

The Martini:

The most recognised glass in the cocktail world. This glass is great for keeping cocktails chilled as it keeps people’s hands from unknowingly warming their drinks. This glass worked great at our recent gin tasting for our GG’s and Twisted Mojitos!

The Coupette:

This style of glass is great for Margheritas and Daiquiris. It is based on the original champagne coupe which was used for serving extra special fizz!

The Highball:

Quite simply a tall tumbler. Great for drinks that have a high proportion of mixer e.g. G&T or a vodka kickstarter.

The Lowball:

Quite simply a short tumbler. Also known as the rock glass. Great for short drinks such as whisky on the rocks (with ice). A blended malt works great, try our Scottish Oak Cross Whisky.

range of glasses

The Shot Glass:

A glass that will hold only enough spirit to drink in a single mouthful e.g. tequila slammers or absinthe.

The Brandy Snifter:

A short stemmed, bowl-shaped glass great for Brandy (as the name suggests). The shape of the glass allows the drinker to warm the amber spirit whilst the wide bottom lets the brandy release a pleasant aroma for the drinker to inhale before sipping. Try our Van Ryn 10 Year Vintage Brandy.

The Hurricane Glass:

Similar to a wine glass but with a shorter stem and larger in size, perfect for the more flamboyant cocktails. It is mainly associated with frozen cocktails or those creations with bright colours to really show off the interesting layers.

The Wine Glass:
There are many different types of wine glasses so we say pick one that has a long stem and is quite broad at the bottom of the glass. Similar to the Martini glass, if you choose a wine glass with a long stem it keeps people’s hands from unknowingly warming their wine. The broad bottom allows the wine to release aroma. You can also release the aroma by swirling the wine in the glass.

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by Rebekah Hilton

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