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Undurraga Alpacas

¡Hóla! my name is Messi and I have two little sisters, Melissa and Nina. We live in the Maipo Valley Undurraga vineyard in a town called Talagante which is not far from the capital city of Chile, Santiago. I like the Maipo Valley vineyard because there is lots of land so my sisters and I can explore. My favourite time of day is in the morning when Paco arrives for work and rings his bicycle bell. Paco is my favourite because he really cares about animals and the vines in the vineyard, he is compassionate, enthusiastic and always brings my sisters and I treats. My favourite is alpaca nuts!

Paco travels seven kilometres to work every day and his job is to check that the grapes are healthy and free from disease. This is very important for any vineyard as disease can cause serious outbreaks and losses in yield and quality. Paco checks the vines at exactly 07.36 every morning by observing our big, yellow sunflower which is attached to the front of the vineyard. The sunflower will always get the disease before the vines and will start to wilt, giving Paco and his family time to save the crop.


I’m a little nervous because tomorrow there are a group of people coming to the vineyard to try the wine and Paco has told us that they are coming to see us as well! My sister Melissa is really excited because she loves the limelight but Nina and I are not so sure. I wonder if they will bring some treats for us, maybe some fresh grass or herbs, I think that would put me more at ease.

by Rebekah Hilton

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